If you live in Utah email us at PickMyKnit1@gmail.com to make an appointment and Lindsey will come to your school and help you through the whole process.

We offer Standard and Custom Sweater options. For Standard sweaters you can choose any of the following high quality, 3-ply, heavy-knit durable cardigans in your school colors.

Sweater Options

Standard sweater base price without decoration for a quantity of 6 or more sweaters are as follows.

Classic = $110.00 per sweater.

Traditional W/Stripes on One Sleeve = $120.00 per sweater.

Stripes on Both Sleeves = $125.00 per sweater.

Middle Stripe, Double Center Stripe, Top & Bottom, Multi Stripe & Top One Color = $135.00 per sweater

Half & Half or Low Stripe = $140.00 per sweater

If you would like a price with decoration, email the details to PickMyKnit1@gmail.com or submit your details through the design your sweater section.

Above pricing is for the Standard sweaters only and applies to groups of six or more. Custom sweaters are priced differently.

How to Order:

1. Follow through the entire process in the "Design Your Sweater" section and determine all of your details. If you have questions or need help you can contact Lindsey Text (801) 694-0776 or Email - PickMyKnit1@gmail.com.

2. Make a rough sketch of your design. You can download a blank sweater diagram here.

3. Submit your design at the end of the Design Your Sweater section of Pickmyknit.com or email Lindsey with your attached sketch and all of your information to PickMyKnit1@gmail.com. We will reply with your price and answer any questions you still may have to finalize your design and place your order.

We require a deposit of $100 if you are going through the school and paying with a purchase order number and/or check. If you are not paying through the school we require payment in full at the time the order is finalized and placed

We MUST have a size and payment from each student before we can process your order. You MUST order with the whole group.... We cannot accept late single orders.

Once your design is approved and all information is submitted we are not responsible for any changes or spelling errors. Supplemental charges may apply if you make changes after the order is finalized and placed.